Class Descriptions

Level 1:  approximate ages 5-8

Level 2: approximate ages 9-11

Level 3: approximate ages 12 & up

Parent Tot:

          Parent Tot is for children at least one year of age, who are not quite ready to leave their parents side but would love to learn the feel of having a teacher and being in a classroom setting. 

Tiny Two's:

          This class is a good step up from parent tot. It is for two year olds who are ready to leave their parent's side but yet, not quite ready to be in a class with all of the older three and four year olds. It is only 30 minutes and a combo of ballet and tumbling. 

Pre-Dance (ages 2-4):

          This class allows your child to dance in a fun environment while getting used to an atmosphere with classmates and a teacher. This class is a combo of ballet, tap, and tumbling. Dancer’s learn hand eye coordination, basic dance technique, flexibility, and the use of imagination. 


Pre-Tumble (ages 3-5):

         This class is designed to introduce basic tumbling skills and body positions to preschoolers in a fun atmosphere. Class begins with a fun warmup, review of body positions and stretching, then proceeds into group stations and obstacles where they work on coordination, balance, strength, and agility skills. They will learn basic skills such as somersaults, cartwheels, log rolls, and weight baring exercises like bridge ups and handstands. Once a solid cartwheel, bridge, and handstand are obtained students may be eligible for our hot shots class which is a more advanced version of our pre-tumble program. Students can then proceed to our Level classes at age 6 based on their current skill level. 

Combo (ages 5-7):

          This class is for the beginner level dancer, they will begin learning the basis of dance, meet new friends, and perform in recital, the class consists of ballet, tap, tumbling, and jazz technique. 

Combo (ages 8-10):

          This class is for the beginner level dancer, they will begin learning the basis of dance, meet new friends, and perform in recital, the class consists of ballet, tap, tumbling, and jazz technique. 



          Split into age levels instead of skill levels, we cover the basics of cheer, learn vocab, pom movements, jumps, and tumbling! Great for those interested in middle school or high school cheerleading.

Cheer Tumbling:

        This class is for students ages 9 and older that want to focus primarily on tumbling for cheer. We will work more power based tumbling skills (such as handsprings) and less focus on acro skills like walkovers and ariels. 


          Ballet is very important for a dancer and will help them improve their technique and flexibility in all styles of dance. Don’t forget if your dancer is enrolled in one of these classes he/she must wear proper ballet attire. Will learn a ballet dance for recital


          A beginner level class for those who are interested in getting up on pointe, and learning basic ballet movements.


          These classes are great for those who may be interested in competition team or high school dance team. We will focus on leaps, turns, strength, vocabulary, and flexibility in these classes.


          Requires a lot of foot work, the taps on the dancer's shoes will work as percussions making this class very fun.


          The name of the class says it all, time will be split and focused on stretching and strengthening different muscles that will help improve the technique of your dancer.  


          There are four different levels for this class, whether your child is learning a forward roll or a back handspring this class is structured for them and will help them with tumbling techniques across the floor for dancers. Please click this link for help with placing your child in the correct level of tumbling class.


         Your child will be learning the basics of modern dance technique.


          A fun class that allows you to show your technique and emotion through different combinations, and allows you to express yourself through movement using both a foundation of ballet and modern techniques. There will also be improv dance involved in this class. Will perform a dance at recital.

Pom/Drill Team:

           This class will be fun and upbeat. For those interested in learning pom style dance for high school/college dance teams. We will go over basic dance techniques and strong arm movements.

Hip Hop:

          This class is very fast pace and energizing. Your child will learn fun combinations to different (appropriate) popular hip-hop/r&b songs. Baggy clothing is allowed for this class only.

Zumba (ages 17 & up):

         A very fun popular cardio exercise through choreographed dance movements. No dance experience necessary.

Barre Fit (ages 17 & up):

         A class to work and tone muscles while using the barre and ballet technique, this class works balance, and is a combination of pilates, barre, and yoga! No dance experience necessary.

Pop Pilates (ages 17 & up):

         This class is perfect for toning your core and other parts of your body, bring a yoga mat if you can.